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Eastern Motorcycles Parts, Inc., was begun in the mid-1960's by Gil and Carol May in their garage,
where Gil repaired both their own motorcycles and those of some of their friends.  After a few years
spent building a solid reputation, the couple decided to open their first retail and repair shop, Gil's
Cycle Shop, on Long Island, New York. They also sold tanks, pipes, pistons, patches, and other
motorcycle parts, and did  repairs that ranged from rebuilding generators and rods to complete
motors. If a part could not be purchased from the limited suppliers at the time, Gil would have a local
machine shop make three or four of that part for him. Then, knowing he would eventually be able to
use them, he would have the machine shop make 25, 50, or even 100 of the part to keep on hand.
The Mays eventually decided to buy or make these hard-to-find parts themselves and sell them
wholesale to other repair shops and in 1972, Eastern Motorcycle Parts, Inc., was born.  In addition
to selling tanks, pistons, cylinders, fenders, and other parts wholesale, the company manufactured
some parts, such as case bushings, sprocket shafts, pinion shafts, and crank pins, and sent them out
for heat treating and grinding. In 1987 Eastern moved to Blackville, South Carolina, where they
continue to expand in both retail sales and manufacturing, with many items produced start to finish
inhouse. Thirty-five years after inception, Eastern Motorcycles, Inc., is still a family-owned business
and is run by Gil, his wife Carol, and son Jeff. Most recently, the company has expanded into the
manufacturing of motor parts for the original Indian Chief and Sport Scout models
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